Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Peter Manley helping Charity

Peter Manley was up in Sunderland to open the new Betfred Shop.
The idea is that Peter will travel all over the UK opening the Betfred new stores while letting all comers have a chance of playing against him.
Manley also helped raise £150 for the Grace House Hospice when Betfred offered to convert the points scored by the 44-year-old and Echo reporter Ross Robertson into pounds.
The charity is close to his heart – in all his televised games he wears a pendant in memory of Roker schoolboy Peter Lane, 13, who died in a rope swing accident at Galley's Gill four years ago.
He has helped Peter's mum, Julie Reay, 42, of Roker Avenue, raise £40,000 for a computer and games room at the Grace House children's hospice to be built in Pallion.
Modest Manley added: "I just wear the badge. The family does all the hard work and does a great job raising lots of money."
Storey from Sunderland Today

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